A small town in West Yorkshire - currently celebrating the sesquicentennial of it's name - and my favourite photographic subject! :-) Once part of the outskirts of Northowram and Clayton, it was called Queenshead until 1863. The wider area is made of several smaller hamlets, mostly merged these days (meaning that the largest part was once Northowram). For a while it had it's own Council (merged in 1937 with that of Shelf), but in 1974 it came under the control of Bradford - the same year saw the end of the West Riding in which it was located, and the creation of West Yorkshire, not the same thing!

It's hard to believe that I might have a rival for so specific a subject, but I do! One Tim Green, who takes excellent photos - he must never hear that, and if he does I'll know who it was (a set of pixie made mini-divining rods over the contact list has never failed me yet) - and visits many of the same places as I do - it's surprising our paths rarely cross (if there's any justice he'll have been mistaken for me loads of times by now)! :-)