I have no idea if this counts against my monthly allowance! :-)

I've been on Ipernity for about two years - I didn't post any photos for a short time (turned out to be about a year)! But really there's been no action hereabouts, till now! Now there is an influx of Flickr users, rightly disappointed in that site (I'm still there, on Flickr)! My hope now is that, alongside old friends, I can make some new ones - people I would never perhaps have met on Flickr for one reason or another!

After so many years on flickr - perhaps about four or so - most of my long term contacts know of my quirks! :-) For example after reading LOL as Lots of Love on Flickr I couldn't bring myself to be quite so 'friendly' with everyone who commented and therefore use :-) ! (-: and variations - seeming mistaken for an expletives by at least one person! I do also tend to say odd things rather than just 'nice shot' (of course I say that too), some people have taken it, occasionaly, that I'm being nasty with them - all I can say is I wouldn't waste my time on that, there's no gain to it - I'm no saint I won't claim that - but I don't go around looking for people to upset!

Not much more to say really - I suppose if things really get going I'll settle down and start my usual gibberish (my long term Flickr contacts are used to it - they think I'm loose a few screws)! :-) ! (-: