I’ll be voting my absentee ballot from overseas this fall, and it’ll be either a woman or a black man, and may I add that I’m very happy to have lived long enough to have to make that choice. It’s Barack Obama who’s put the stars in my eyes this time, but there is that whole thing about whether he’s really black, or too black, or if he’s black enough, or really black at all. I think there’s a way to solve this, and it’s all about black music.

Let’s face it, he’s only half-black - which would be about four times as black as he’d have needed to have it noted on his birth certificate in Louisiana just a few decades ago - and if he’s going top be the first Brother-In-Chief in American history, I’m thinking he’s got to improve on that, and one way would be judicious selection of theme songs for us followers to get teary-eyed over. With that in mind, two offerings … Obama Campaign Songs Needed to Make Him More Black

[Let me preface: I really am an Obama supporter 101%, and I’ve always believed that black music is the best American music and that just about any music that comes from my country that is any good at all comes directly out of that. I’m kidding around today, sure, but there’s love also, all over this page.]



The James Brown Obama



Can I get a witness!

Good Lord, whoa!

We got a health care plan

Better than the others!

Tell it to ya, now!

We all been funkified!

No lie, now!


Gonna bring the troops back!

From Iraq!

Quick as responsible

Good Lawd, yeah!

We got a movement goin’!

You know what I’m talkin about!

Oh, yeah!

Man with a plan

Gonna get that economy


Good Lord, yo!

I’s here to give ya the dope!

‘Bama’s ALL about the hope!

Gonna win this clean!

Whoa! Good Lawd, yo! Hah!

Like a political machine!

Good Lord, yo!

Gonna take it to the bridge!

Come on, now!

Lawd, yeah!

Good God, whoa!



Okay, for this one, you need a couple of Bob Marley songs in your head (“Waiting in Vain” and “Jammin” would help) and hefty bit of rasta-accented imagination a la Lee “Scratch” Perry …



The Reggae Obama


We’re all gonna campaign for Obama

We’re all gonna campaign for Obama




I’m votin’ for Obama

Barack Hussein Obama

Hope you like Obama, too.




(Stentorian Peter Tosh-style spoken monologue insert with dub in the back behind it.)


Yah, mon, Obama be de man gon’ bring de righteousness to  Babylon, mon, and he ain’ no ‘pressorman, no, he gon’ smite down de oppressorman for ah de men and de wimmin and de boyz and de girls. I-an-I, and we all know he be de stepping razor, Obama, and you bettah watch his stride, his faddah he come from Tanzania, mon, right nex’ do’ to de Eat-ee-yopiah, so Obama and Hallie Selassie, dey be like de bruddahs deep in the de soul, jus’ lahk dat, mon, no lie.




Votin’ for Obama, too.

Barack Hussein Obama



Hope you like Obama

Hope you like Obama

Obama in de name ov Jah Love.



Yah, he got de health care plan, bro, and he be de man, gon’ bring de dahktahs to de people, and he be de mahn gon’ bring the soldiermans back outta de Mesopotamia, too, mon, as soon as it’s responsible to do it, you know dats de troot, mon. He don’ smoke de ganja but maybe back in de day, maybe he did that, too, mon, an’ we know he likely inhaled, dahm straight. Obama bring de hope, mon, Obama, and not tomorrow, not de nex’ year, mon, this year, November. You know it be happenin’, mon. Obama. Yah, da’s raht, Obama. Dis be de time, and Obama be de mighty lion gon’ make Babylon de righteous land one mo’ time, bring Zion home to de people.


We don’t wanna wait in vain for Obama

We don’t wanna wait in vain for Obama

We ain’t waitin, we’re campaignin’

We ain’t waitin, … (fade)



Still needed:


The Hiphop/Gangstah Rap Obama,


The Shaft Blaxpoitation Obama


The Motown Obama.


The Michael Jackson Obama


The Louis Armstrong Jazz Obama



Submissions requested.