Rob Young mentions S2art in his blog here at Ipernity ...

S2art has a personal art/photography blog ...

He mentions Beth Lilly ...

She uses her cameraphone  as a tool for both art and fortunetelling and perhaps asks us to consider how different they really are ...

Here are the questions people have asked her about the future, and the things in their lives hidden from view - I find them fascinating, and more so inconjunction with the photos ...

Do they make me sad, or do they make me ponder the nature of the extremities of pain, fear, anguish and desire within us all? Something in all of that, I think ...




Divination Questions


One definition of faith: hope for the future and evidence of things not seen.


How am I supposed to get through this?


Will my husband be well again?


Will I make lots of money this year?


Will we get it?


Is it time to stop?


Is Mom happy and at peace?


Will I have the opportunity to do artwork full time in the next 4 months?


I’m stuck emotionally – what do I do next?


Will I marry the man I’m with?


Is Daddy going to kill me?


Why do some people only work when their butt is on the line?


Should I go to graduate school?


How can I help her be more healthy and successful?


Is the man I’m working with on this new project the man I’m going to be with?


Can we get through this?


Will he choose me?

Will he ever acknowledge his illness?


Will I get the money I’ve been waiting for in the next 6 months?


Why can’t I get over him and move on?


Will there be lots of money for me in 2008?


Will I find what I’m looking for this year?


Will my husband and I have the financial security we desire in 5 years?


How can I not get too angry?


Should I continue dating this guy?


Should I stay or should I go?


What should I do about my boss?


What is my quest?


Will I get another job in two weeks?


Does true love exist?


Is he the one?


Should I retire now or later?


Will she mess things up?


What is my next step?


When will I have a happy relationship?


Will I make a good parent?


What do I really really want?


Where will I be in the next year career-wise and relationship-wise?


Will I get into law school and become a successful lawyer?


Should I give up or hang in there?