Some of this is in the nature of excuses we make to ourselves, and if we think of it more as a calling than just a hobby we’ll ignore just about everything here – regardless, though, here’s a short list of times and places we can’t use our wonderful cameras. A bit of it is tongue-in-cheek, too, and I’ll leave it to you to discern that.

1. 1. The government would rather we not. I live in Korea, where a state of war still exists with our neighbors to the north, and I sleep every night about 2 hours drive from one of the most heavily fortified borders in the world. There are many military bases, both American and Korean, some of them not so obvious, and sometimes even in residential areas. The soldiers are polite about it, but they are firm.

2. 2. The management would rather we not. Believe it or not, some retail establishments seem to think that the design of a product or the way things are arranged on a shelf is proprietary information. I laugh at them, of course. I leave my house and my picture is taken 7 or 8 times before I even notice the first security camera. Welcome to the modern world, and I figure if they can grab mine I should be able to grab theirs. (Most often, if I take a picture of a product on display, it’s because I want to show it to my friends so we can share a good laugh, not because I want to steal the design, and hey, if you want to ask people to buy a ridiculous-looking pair of shoes or employ a logo that uses English in a silly way, then you deserve what’s coming.)


(I I got more to say about this. Catch ya later for that ... )