From Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe, regarding Korean Food.

I’ll confess that one reason I ended up in Korea and stayed, rather than Japan, is that I prefer bbq pork to raw fish, i.e., assuming I’m likely to eat one or the other 2 or 3 times a week.

 They also do chicken good, and I only resort to KFC occasionally, for homesickness alleviation. (The Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices are the same as when I was 7 years old.) The mother-in-law makes such a mean daelk doritang, you’d thank me for inviting you over.

Can’t get near enough to the boiled silkworm cocoons – the smell of beondeagi, fahgeddabahdit – but I like just about every other Korean food. Let’s talk about dog soup another time, another place. Please?

What’s your favorite? Or what do you hate the most?

While you’re at, why not a tip about your favorite place? And how to get there, what to order?

 Or, you could just sing a song …



The Bobster’s Korean Side-dish Blues



Ah loves to eat that han-shik

And I’ll eat it every day

Put lotsa little dishes on the table, yeah,

Honey, THAT’s the only way!


Just give me that banchan, baby

GOTS ta have them noodles, veggies and kimchee

Ah ha hum …

Twenty-seven tiny dishes on the table, yo,

That’s the ONLY way it’s gotta be




You can keep your goyangee soju

And your bosintang mojo, too

But if I don’t see me lotsa banchan

I just DON’T know what I’ll do!


Be sure to bring me that ban-chan, baby

Yow, a little bit of mushrooms, tofu and chiggae

Ah ha hum …

If you can’t bring me a lotta banchan, darlin’

You better have SOMEthin’ important to say.


Don’t want no French fried taters,

Sure ‘nuff, no Shepherd’s Pie

And if I don’t see me some banchan

Yer like to see ol’ Bobster start to cry.


Well, my woman gives me bokbun-ju

With a little ddankong on the plate

And over soju in pochang macha

I’m havin’ ahltang with my mates.


But at dinner I want that banchan, baby

Lawd, Ah loves them kimchee, noodles an’ such

Ah ha hum …

And if you won’t bring me lotsa banchan

The Bobster ain’t gonna like you very much.


I said I want banchan

Yeah, baby, lots of banchan

Yeah, give me banchan.

Lots and lots and lots of banchan.

I said banchan


Thank you, thank you. We’ll be here every night this week. Be careful drivin’ home, y’all. Hear?