This is just a quick note that will probably be lost in the midsts of time. In between all of the work and school and learning to drive and everything you could possibly be doing (and not having enough time for what you necessarily want to do) I've been listening to a lot of music, some stuff for people to check out is Barry Lynn (aka Boxcutter) or indeed anything from the label Planet Mu, Silverhair and check a couple of podcasts like the radio 1 mini mix and the hospital records one.

One thing that continually catches my eye however is an artist called Jawa, drop by his myspace page and leave him a note, nice bloke, spectacular art.

Other than that I'm dan busy, I have 11 papers to sit from the 21st May till the 19th June on all manner of subjects including maths, physics, chemistry and history. Huzzah. Far too much work to make sense if you ask me but oh well. Maybe I can keep doing some stuffs in between but until then, check out that which has been recommended and if you like there are plenty more top tips where they came from.

Until whenever, Mike