Wow... the more I use this place the more I'm not a fan.

I really don't like the headaches and sore eyes I get (while wearing my glasses mind you) from squinting at the tiny photos to see what people have uploaded.

I don't like the fiddly and awkward way to find comments on photos - and the fact that it just stops showing them after ONE day. And you have to click something else to get them to come back up again!

And to be honest, the fact that these things can change, but I can't be bothered going to find where to get them to change... that says it all doesn't it?

I'm flickring on. I don't know if I'll keep uploading any photos on here... (i find the ways you can transfer from flickr equally as awkward as everything else) but then it doesn't really matter, the main people who comment on my stuff and I have conversations with aren't really on here anyway!

I think it's a shame that so many people have so many problems with such a small change on Flickr - and really, I avoid the front page, and it's so EASY to do. Most of the way they are presenting photos now are the SAME ways they were presenting them before.

Anyway. That's my piece.