I have to say I'm not particularly enamoured with this place. Sure there are a few things here that Flickr doesn't have.

But the ability to view other people's photos is pretty terrible and no where near what Flickr's is, even in the much malined new structure. I have enough problems with my eyes and my glasses to enjoy squinting at tiny images when I get to enjoy nice large ones on the Flickr site.

Finding comments people have made is also pointlessly difficult. The organisation page is almost a carbon copy of the current flickr one (which hasn't changed.)

I'll continue to put the bare mininum of my images on here, but I'll keep most of my stuff on Flickr. I'm already Pro there, so I don't have to pay epically more to keep it.

Shame that I don't have the mass of images to look at anymore, but you win some, you lose some.