[EN] PicLens is a cool plugin transforming your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for online photos and videos. See a demo here.

We'd love to make ipernity fully compliant with PicLens. It would give members and their visitors the possibility to view photos streams, photos albums, even photos posted in groups... on a 3D full screen black wall. Klass!

We implemented a basic RSS-based integration of PicLens, allowing for instance to view through PicLens the last 20 posted public photos of one member. You can try by installing PicLens plugin, then going on a "member docs" page, then dragging your mouse onto one picture, then clicking the arrow icon.

For a full integration, we need PicLens agreement. Please help us to convince them by sending them a small message in that sense ;-) * edit: please stop sending support messages to PicLens, we are currently working with them - Thanks to all for your help ;-) *