Hello all,

We hope you had a nice sunny holiday and that you had the chance to take beautiful photos :)
We are in the final phase of very useful improvements that will be offered to you before the end of the month.

Android Application

A screenshot of the ipernity for Android app (beta) We are a few weeks behind but the application is nearly finished being developed. It will be available in Google Play in a fortnight.

Click on the thumbnail to see how the application will look like!

Groups news pages

We are well aware that the news pages must be entirely improved so that they are more precise and easier to use.

The easiest and quickest for us was to start with the groups news pages. We will submit in a few days a new page that will look like this:
In the left column will be presented the different events for each of the groups to which you belong to. By clicking on some news you will immediately obtain its content on the right hand side and you will be able to relate without having the need to change page. If you are an administrator or moderator of groups you will be able to obtain in the wink of an eye all the content that needs to be moderated.

This page will be offered as a beta version and we will await your feedback before pursuing our work on the revamp of the news pages.

Album regrouping in folders

For a long time now many of you have asked us if you could have the ability to regroup your albums in folders. Some of you call them "sets". Your wish is (finally) going to be granted!

This is how it's going to look like:

This new feature will be out before the end of September.

And also...

We are still fixing the bugs that you report to us and try to bring minor improvements here and there when we have the chance.

We look forward to getting back to you in a few days for the launch of these improvements.

Catch you soon,

The ipernity Team