To whom it may concern, we now offer a script to import your Flickr sets to ipernity albums :)

Due to technical limitations things are not as smooth as they could be but if you carefully read the following instructions, you should be able to transfer your sets without any problems.

To import a set go to the Flickr set page and click on "CLICK HERE TO START Flickr set importer" underneath the banner on the top of the album page.

For every photo of the set:
  • if the photo has already been imported to ipernity it will be added to a similar album on ipernity;
  • if the photo is not yet on ipernity it will be imported BUT NOT ADDED TO THE ALBUM. YOU WILL NEED TO RELAUNCH THE SCRIPT TO ADD IT.
No worries you will be notified if you need to relaunch the script or not. The script will be able to relaunch when all your imported photos are processed on the ipernity side.

This means that only one album may be imported in a maximum of two script passes.

Other important points:
  • only photos are imported, no videos.
  • only the first 2000 photos of a set are imported (it's the max number of items that can contain an album on ipernity)
  • the cover photo and description of the Flickr set are imported as well;
  • empty photo titles are now kept empty on ipernity (there was previously a bug, we fixed it)
  • don't be afraid if you import a set already imported. It will not be imported twice.
Now it's time to play :)

Please tell us if you encounter problems or bugs.

Have fun!

The ipernity Team