Hello all!

Here is some news before the week-end.

We are experiencing an exceptional situation at the moment with a huge amount of new users who have decided to choose ipernity to share their photos within a quality setting. We are very glad about this! We are doing our utmost to welcome this exceptional influx. Some minor slowdowns and malfunctions are still to be expected but this will soon be forgotten about very soon.

To be honest, here is the agenda of our small team (a total of 7) for the days to come:
- Consequently increase the capacity of our servers and the storage.
- Fix bugs that you report to us
- Do our best to reply in a timely fashion to your many messages!

Minor improvements to come:
-optional sharing on Pinterest and Tumblr (probably on Monday or Tuesday)
-permalinks for comments (in a fortnight)

Help transferring Flickr photos:
-import of albums (in the course of next week)

New functions:
- possibility of combining albums (something similar to collections)

Developer friends, we remind you that we have an API with which you can play around with and create great extensions for ipernity!

ipernity Club. A huge thanks to everyone who is joining the ipernity Club.
Thanks to you we have a little more means everyday to make ipernity a great success. If you haven't yet joined the Club it's a good time to do so!

We wish you a fabulous sunny week-end.

The ipernity Team