Hello all!

We have just proceeded to an update of the site. Here is what's new and improved.

Privacy reinforcement on dates of births

You can now display the day and month of your birthday and at the same time hide your age and year of birth.
To edit these settings go on: www.ipernity.com/pref/privacy

Adding content to groups and albums have been greatly simplified

Simply go ahead and test these functions "add to a group" and "add to an album" from the photo pages to have a better idea.

On the photo pages

Reappearance of the message "You have already seen this photo...".
The posted date is redisplayed again on top of the date the shot was taken.

And also...

• The number of visits is redisplayed on the "latest photos posted" in "medium" size mode.
• Several bugs that have been reported are now fixed.

At the moment we are working on:
• comments: replies to replies, permalinks, different views (the most recent / from the beginning) ;
• direct access to your photos/albums etc. section from the button on the top right hand corner of all pages ;
• home pages personalization improvements ;
• iPhone application: Apple has required us to make a few adjustments before submitting the ipernity application to the App Store ;
• debugging.

New announcements are to be expected tomorrow!

The ipernity Team