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Terms of Membership

1. Name and address of the association

The contracting party is the Ipernity Members Association (IMA), a non-commercial association under French law with its headquarters at 16 rue Marie Gausson, 94350 Villiers-sur-Marne, France, registered at the Sous-préfecture de Nogent-sur-Marne, 4 Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny Cedex, 94735 Nogent-sur-Marne, France, under no. W942006250.

2. Membership

By paying the chosen membership contribution, you apply for full membership in the Association in the chosen category (Basic, Standard, Plus) for the chosen period. The confirmation of the full membership is done in such a way that the association activates the corresponding account on the website of the association for the chosen category and duration.

3. Payment

The membership contribution must be paid in full in advance.

(a) Via PayPal

This is the recommended payment method. It starts via the PayPal button on the payment page. From there you will be redirected to PayPal via a secure, encrypted internet connection. Your data, the selected category and the selected period will be transmitted automatically. You are solely responsible for payment when using the PayPal payment system. The Association accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any problems you may encounter through the use of PayPal.

(b) By bank transfer

This is the alternative method of payment. You will find the details of the Association's bank account next to the bank's logo on the payment page. You will need to provide your account ID number as the reason for payment.

4. Duration of the membership

Your full membership begins when your account is activated on the website for the selected duration and category. An already existing full membership will be extended by the chosen period from the existing expiry date.

After expiry of the full membership you will automatically be granted a guest membership. In accordance with the statutes, this entitles you to limited participation in the activities of the association. It does not include the right to vote at the general meeting. Please note the caps and time limits for the duration of storage of uploaded content according to paragraph 7.2 of the Terms of Use, as well as the time limit until your account will be deleted in case of permanent inactivity according to paragraph 10.3 (a) of the Terms of Use.

5. Right of withdrawal

In accordance with "Article 121-20 du Code Français de Consommation" (French Consumer Code), you have seven working days to exercise your right of withdrawal without giving any reason or paying any penalty. The period of seven days begins as documented by the booking of the membership contribution on the PayPal account or the bank account of the Association. If the period ends on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday, it will be extended until the next working day.

To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must send the declaration of withdrawal by email to before the seven working day period has expired. The declaration of withdrawal must include the ID number of the assigned account. In the event of a valid withdrawal, the money you had transferred will be refunded to you within 30 days of receipt of your cancellation.

6. Modification of the membership

Your full membership will continue in your chosen category for as long as it is shown to you in the membership history when the Association activates the amended category. If you change category within the term, the duration will be recalculated in accordance with the applicable offer. Details can be found on the page

7. Claims

Claims resulting from non-conformity of the confirmed membership and/or its duration with the membership applied for must be sent by e-mail to

8. Guarantees

Within the limits permitted by French law, the Association excludes all explicit and implicit guarantees for the purpose of ensuring the functioning of the Association's website.

The Association does everything it can to keep the Association's website operational with reasonable care. However, it is possible that the Association's website may be temporarily unavailable, in whole or in part, or that certain functions may be unavailable, as a result of malfunctions or maintenance work carried out by the Association or by third parties.

9. Disclaimer

(a) This translation of the French original is for information only. In case of conflict, the French version shall prevail.

(b) The membership contribution paid shall be used exclusively for the self-financing of the Association. Unless otherwise provided by French law, the Association shall not reimburse any other expenses incurred by the member as a result of joining the Association, nor any 'pro rata' membership contributions in the event of temporary or total unavailability of the website or individual functions. Likewise, unused 'pro rata' membership contributions will not be refunded in the event of termination of membership.

(c) In accordance with the Terms of Use,, the Association reserves the right to close or delete accounts if they violate the Terms of Use or the Code of Good Conduct

In such a case, the facilities offered to members by the Association's website will no longer be available. In such circumstances, the Association cannot be held responsible for the temporary or permanent unavailability, nor will it refund a 'pro rata' membership contribution or pay any compensation beyond that.

10. Termination

In accordance with the Terms of Use, section 10, you may leave the Association at any time by deleting your account. Unused 'pro rata' membership contributions will not be refunded.

Version of January 22, 2021