[EN] We are pleased to announce that the important work done on the ipernity technical plateform is now **completed**. Phew! This work was necessary to enable ipernity evolve while ensuring a high quality service.

We can now start again working on improvements and new features that everyone expects.You can already see some changes on the site that will make your life easier.

For instance :

  • a new uploader. It launches faster and doesn't need any plugins (to try it, click the "Upload" link at the top left of ipernity pages, then select "New uploader"). We're also going to replace the old uploader software iperUpload by a new one, more efficient and compatible with most of PC configurations (including Mac OS X).
  • High Definition video. You can now upload HD videos up to 90MB each if you have a free account and up to 500MB if you are PRO (a very good reason to become PRO!)
  • Automatic geotagging: new content with GPS data is now automatically placed on your world map.

... and many other improvements and bug fixes here and there that we invite you to discover.

BTW, ipernity is now available in Russian. Polish is coming soon.

Well, this is just a beginning but we wanted to share it with you for Christmas.

We take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, and look forward to seeing you in 2012 for another good news ...

The ipernity Team at your service

PS: this new update may require fine-tuning. If you're experiencing problems, please let us know.