Celebrating this year its 40th birthday, the Rencontres d'Arles Festival takes place each year in the heart of Provence from July to mid September.

Churches, official buildings, galleries, former rail company garages, photography is everywhere, with 60 exhibitions and lots of events, trainings and workshops to attend.

We visited and liked :

- I'm a cliché, in the Grande Halle des Ateliers,
- Second Reading, Zhang Dali, in Espace Van Gogh,
- SFR Young Talent exhibition, in Couvent Saint Césaire,
- Mothers of the disappeared, Marcos Adianda, in Atelier des Forges.

If you're in the South of France during the Festival, don't hesitate and have a stop in Arles !

More information on the official Rencontres d'Arles festival website.