Hello everybody,

No news from us since a long time. We are sooooo busy. So here's a little update.

2nd Open Web Awards: here's your prize!

Remember, last December, we won the 2nd Open Web Awards in photo sharing category. It's the victory of our fantastic community who made the buzz and voted everyday. We've just received the prize. This is yours too. We'd like to share those moments of happiness with you.

New video and audio players

Video and audio players have changed. New program, new design.
You can now move easier in videos.
You'll be able to customize colors soon.
And the video player is HD ready (not available, but ready... we are thinking about HD services).

More audio widgets accepted in photo pages

You can now add imeem, jamendo, jiwa, and deezer audio widgets to your photos description.
Warning: Deezer rules have recently changed (only playlists are now embeddable and users must sign in).
lastfm widget can't be used for technical reasons. Let us know other audio widgets (playing legal music) you'd like to put in your photo pages.

New customer relationship management

The contact page has been improved. Questions from members and visitors to ipernity are now managed as tickets for a better follow-up. Members can now access their tickets history and are alerted by email when tickets status change. Since we speak English and French only, a useful "translate" link is now available under each message.


A new "My network" page is coming, taking account of your comments and suggestions, in particular the possibility of displaying up to 5 docs per member. An announcement will be made in that blog soon.

New languages are coming: Czech is almost ready, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Swedish are on a good way. Icelandic has started. We are looking for more volunteers in any languages. Please apply through our contact form.

m.ipernity.com, the ipernity version for mobile devices is almost finished. Once released, we'll start designing versions for iPhone and maybe Android phones.

You appreciated MiniSlideShow? You'll love GrandSlideShow! We are working on a bigger embeddable photo slideshow.

Some awaited features are still under development (reordering albums, homepages customization, password access for private albums...). Those projects are time consuming and we use to take our time to release bug-free new features. Again, we apologize for this delay.

That's all for today. Go back to work. Thanks to everyone for supporting us every day.

The ipernity Team.