We are often asked about how photos are selected to be displayed on the ipernity frontpage.

So here's the answer!

Every Friday, we define a theme. As you may notice, this week theme is "ballooning" ;-)

Then we look for photos matching both the selected theme and the following requirements:
-- aspect ratio: 15/10 landscape (to be compliant with the frontpage layout),
-- no frame,
-- original content,
-- ideally, CC licensed,
-- creative, artistic content deserving the frontpage,
-- enhancing the ipernity service.

Of course, tagged photos have more chance to be found!

At last, we select the 5 ones we prefer and put them on the frontpage.

All the selected photos are faved by "team ipernity" and can be viewed here:


We plan to create more exploring possibilities including an explore/frontpage page.

All suggestions are welcome, so if you have ideas about themes and related photos, feel free to contact us!