I along with many others are ready to pack up and move on and at this point I feel, that Flickr may not be able to undo what they did and many people are just so fed up with it. Honestly, it's a hard choice having to leave Flickr because my history/memories are there (as well as my 1000+ pictures, ouch!) and that's where I met alot of wonderful friends!

My best bet is to start off fresh here in ipertiny. Just the thought of starting off fresh is kind fun and exciting! I'll probably upload a portion of my favorite Flickr pictures little by little and if I can, I'll set my Flickr to private to store the rest. ipertiny is so notsalgic for me because of the simple and clean layout and I see so many similar features (along with some new ones), that Flickr has as well, so I know I'll feel right at home! If any of my Flickr friends run across this, please do let me know you're here, so I can add you!

Well here's to a fresh start! :D