My images are primarily in the genres of street photography and sports photography. Most of my shots contain recognizable faces, and I did not obtain permission from the subject to take the photo. That left me in a quandry regarding the French privacy laws.

I sent a help request to Ipernity staff on 8-2-13, and received a response a few days later. My paraphrased questions were:

1. All of my images were taken in the USA, where such photos are legal.
Could I upload a photo containing a recognizable face, which was taken without the subject's permission, to Ipernity if that photo was taken in the USA?

2. If the answer to the above answer is no, do the same recognizable face/advance permission needed rules apply to athletes competing in an organized sporting event?

The Ipernity answer included this paragraph:

"By editor’s choice and for privacy reasons, we’ve decided to forbid photos with recognizable people obviously taken without their consent, when we clearly identify a sexual, perverse or wicked intent. The intent is evaluated by screening the entire photo stream." (my emphasis)

I take this to basically mean that legitimate street photos with a recognizable face are generally permitted on Ipernity. Those who are taking voyeur style (ie: sexualized) candids, though, cannot upload those images to Ipernity.

Edited 8-7-13: I had posted a link to my entire communication with Ipernity staff, but I have since been informed that only Ipernity and myself can use that link. I understand the conversation can be seen by using the Help Ticket Number, which is 24541.