Hello all, just keep this short & brief.

I am pleased to announce that I start the new job on Thursday 4th July 2013 after nearly 9 months out of work. Without naming my new employers I will be working for a new Bus firm setting up shop in Bolton, Greater Manchester or Lancashire (however the natives prefer to call it).

I hope also to upgrade this profile to a pro account which I can then upload unlimted pictures onto here, just as I currently am on Flickr still. I have also noticed that users that have originally decided to ditch Flickr in response to Yahoo unecessarily changing the home pages/layouts of users profiles & setting up profiles here, have decided to go back to to Flickr, or be it upload pictures on both sites.

That is what I am most likely going to do but as stated in a previous article I wrote, every single picture that is currently on my Flickr profile I will not upload on here because it is too time consuming. Pictures that I post on here will be recent images taken from this year & continue.

I hope you have found this article of some interest.