Hya, I pretty much wrote the same thing on my profile but it is not showing on my homepage & realsied that there is an article page for users to post. I am still getting use to this Ipernity lark lol!

As I have stated, I too have joined from Flickr although I still do upload stuff on there as I am a pro member & I have yet to upgrade my account here due to the fact that I am still not working.

I have read many past & present Flickr users whom were in disgust at Yahoo changing the homepage layout without consulting/warning users of the changes before they even went ahead, which as you are well aware Flickr users have decided to stick two fingers up & ditch their profiles & move over to here (Ipernity). While I have have also joined the club, I still put pictures up on Flickr, but I will start to post photos on here too.

However, as I have just over 9,200 odd pictures on my Flickr profile, I will not be uploading every single image that is on there onto here as it is too time consuming (from what I've read on here of former Flickr users spending days, if not weeks trying to upload every single picture from Flickr to Ipernity).

I will however upload pictures that I have taken from May 2013 (when I first created this profile) & work my way to the present, though I might slip in the old pic here and there. I would also stress that I am no position at the minute to upgrade my profile due to the fact that I am not working, but when God willing I am back in work (wherever that maybe) I will make alterations to this profile.

For those that do not know a great deal about me, I am an out of work bus driver from Manchester & I like taking pictures when viisting random places of interest as well as attending events such as car shows & music events & perhaps marches of some sort.

I hope people passing by my profile & viewing my pictures enjoy what they see & feel free to add me & I will add back (depending on whom you are & what ya interests are) & I will try & keep you all interested.

Thank you

Tanvir Hamid