A light flashed on the wall
An electric blue fleeting streak
Strong enough to penetrate
Through the small aperture
In the curtain and the wall
And then it was gone!
Like a car headlight beam
Playing hide and seek on the wall
As it turned the street
And I relaxed again,
Trying to cajole the elusive sleep
To settle on my eyelids
And give me some rest
At four in the morning
But then came the sound
Of a hundred hoof beats rolling
In the distance, and I smiled.
That was the light of the lighting
And this the thunders clap
I sat up to welcome the first drops
Of the rain forecast by the weatherman
The rain to allay the heat filled
Life and bring a long awaited relief!
And thunder only heard this time
The lightening perhaps farther
Than could penetrate the gap
And I strained my ears,
To hear the first drop of rain
Hit the parched earth
To bring forth the smell
Knowing it was futile
For the whir of the cooler’s fan
Drowned even thoughts and dreams
And then the smell
Bursting forth from
The bosom of the earth
Like the night of sorrow
Coming forth to meet me
Like a long lost love
And I smiled
Let sleep not come now
For this was bliss and more
Relaxing at this point
Than any sleep could be!

Early morning rain on the 26th may, 2013, and the day long cool respite from the heat spell of the last few weeks, and this!
7.38 pm