Preface of Luo Zhewen (12.August.2001) in the book " The Old City Gates of Beijing" edited by Beijing Arts and Photography Publishing House in October 2001.

I Have deep affection towards the city gates of old Beijing just the same with the editor of this album Mr. Fu Gongyue. Especially I saw with my own eyes how the city gates and walls were dismentled since 1953 and fought for vantage point in taking pictures of some gates. The plan of old Beijing city is an exquisite masterpiece in the history of capital architecture. It is an important contribution to preserve the images of indicative structures of old city gates. We can recall past civilizations most clearly through the realism of their photographs. In this album the reality of old city gates of Beijing are recorded, and the reader can easily emerge with a knowledge of the greatest Chinese treasures.

At the same time within this handsome album is a key to understand the long road that China, one of the great powers of the ancient and the modern world, has traveled in its dramatic history, for it also provides a vibrant and exciting record of lives, activities and social customs of the Chinese people of their times. This is a book which will be pcked up and enjoyed for many years to come.

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