As i get many really nice comments on my pictures, which i really do appreciate, comments from my side come very rarerly. I'm looking through the new pictures (and sometimes older ones as well) of my contacts regulary and "star" the ones i really like (what doesn't say anything bad about the ones i don't star - my stars go to the ones i see as extraordininary). Because i'm feeling a bit bad about that, i think i owe you an explanation for that lack of written feedback.

My english is not that bad, i think, but it's hard enough to let me think twice if i want to spent some minutes for a task i would master in a tenth of the time in my mother tongue. Until here, i.e., it took me about 15 minutes. In german i had typed those few sentences in about one or two.

That's the one reason.

The other is: i often just don't know what to say. OK, "Great", "Awesome", Excellent" - i could do that. I dont't know exactly why i shy away to write just one of those.. "standards". Many of you do, and i appreciate it when you do. Maybe it's because of reason one: maybe i get the feeling - for me - that i'd do that just because i'm too "lazy" to write something tangible - you know, about exactly that picture - and just used a phrase to avoid the effort to formulate something "proper" in "real" english.

On the other hand, i have that problem not only because of the language. I find it very hard to find something to say even at my german contacts or even friends. .

What i want to say: apparently i'm really really bad at giving feedbacks.

This said, i want you to know: i don't "star" your pictures "just because". All stars i give to your pictures have a reason. I'd really like to let you know those reasons in a comment. But as long as i'm writers blocked as soon as i go to the comment section regularly please see my stars as my way to express my deep appreciation for your picture.