My email has been out a couple of days, and today, when it worked again I had over 200 new messages.  Many of them weren't even spam.  Apart from deleting and reporting the spam messages I did nothing.

I have messages at Ipernity I have not answered or done anything about.  There are comments on my regular blog I have not answered.  I have not kept up with my friends' blogs for weeks. 

I have about two months worth of stuff for recycling in my pantry.  Taking it down to my car and driving half a mile to the recycling centre is just too much right now.  I'll do that later...

Only at work am I up to date.  I have to be. 

I am so totally behind on so much because I am ill.  Not acutely ill, exactly.  More like one of these sneaky things that take all my energy and leave me with a dull headache, wondering where all my time and energy went. 

I don't even know what is wrong with me.  I am not pregnant nor depressed, so for the medical industry I'm of little interest.  No money to be made off me.  Oh, and no cancer either.  I guess there's money in cancer, but that's not what I'm suffering from.  Can't say I see a reason to complain about that!

And I am not taking any photos.  Last week was the first time ever my camera battery had lost charge due to disuse instead of use.  My camera looks bored.  I keep thinking: "Next week I'll..."  But I don't.  I'm just too tired. 

But maybe next week...