So this is the second what is probably going to be three - or even four - entries around my half-century. I left the story with the day itself, and this week's upload of photos are all related to what happened fairly soon after, which was my annual trip home to Blighty to see my Mum and various other relatives, and inflict myself on my sister and her partner for a few days. They took it very well, considering they'd only just seen me in Stockholm a few days before.

Well, now you're told Most of the uploaded pics are from London. I didn't take any when I was with Mum, though the cautionary notice was seen on the coach south from Northampton. I was actually supposed to be on a train, but there was a problem on the line and we had to take a coach to Milton Keynes. It didn't bother me, but some of my travelling companions were vocal in their pissed-off-ness. I was just fascinated by the grammar.

In London, my principle task (apart from being a nuisance to my sister - which is, of course, a fraternal duty) was to visit a lot of book shops and museums in order to gather information and ideas for the book I'm supposed to be writing. (I have taken a sabbatical year away from teaching in order to do this.) But I did manage to wander around with my camera doing some touristy things.

The Tourist - Telephone and Crown London skyline from Hampstead Heath The Tourist and the Raven The Tourist - Monument Mural The Tourist and the White Tower

As you can see. Hampstead Heath, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Charing Cross Road, the new Globe Theatre.

The Tourist and the Old City reflected in the New The Tourist and Edith Cavell The Tourist - Horses may kick or bite, thank you The Globe - The stage and groundlings from stage right The Globe - Can we have your attention please!

I was also shown around the allotment ...

Sunflower open Grapes on the vine - in London Cucumber on the vine Wasp slayer

My final day, I got taken for a post-birthday meal at Veeraswamy's restaurant on Regent Street. (Veeraswamy's is one of the first Indian restaurants in London - Veeraswamys would probably say the FIRST Indian restaurant in London. Opened in 1926.) So I was waiting to meet up with my hosts who were coming from their various places of work. I had an hour to kill and I had my camera and there was Piccadilly Circus ... I said long ago I wouldn't do any more street photography because I am uncomfortable about taking pictures of complete strangers without their knowledge. But, my resolve broke. So many people, so many cameras pointing in so many directions. So much temptation.

Street Photography - Faces at Piccadilly 9 Street Photography - Faces at Piccadilly 6 Street Photography - Reflected faces Piccadilly Street Photography - Faces at Piccadilly 7 Street Photography - Faces at Piccadilly 4

Home again. I just managed to get this lot set up to publish when I caught a cold. Desperate to recover from that, everything else got shelved. On 4th September my wife and I set off for Spain from where we have just returned, bearing a whole lot more pictures. So I finally publish this, and say watch this space - there's more still to come!

The Cyclops, here below, and I say "Cheerio for now!"