Three weeks ago - or thereabouts - I uploaded a picture to the Critique Group for comment. I took the response to heart and have been trying to improve the picture since then. Today I finally decided I should upload the work in progress. It's all gathered into an album here, but you can see one of the pics to the right.

I've been low and tired lately. It helps to be fiddling around with photoshop and listening to music, loud, through headphones. (You what to know? Patty Smith, Talking Heads, PJ Harvey, Vibrators ... now what does that tell you?)

I have also had my arm twisted into joining up to Facebook and have discovered a whole slew of former students (also one or two older friends). Facebook's small print makes for interesting reading. I don't intend to publish anything but the absolute minimum of my own work there!

Another interesting thing: you can tell the world your religion and political affiliation - but while Facebook is a worship-free zone (and neither atheists nor agnostics are excluded), politically Facebook doesn't recognise anything to the left of liberal. There's a limited set of choices which runs from ultra-conservative to ultra-liberal and includes 'libertarian', but social democrat? socialist? communist? anarchist? environmentalist? No. does this reflect Facebook's origins in the US college system?