I am now in Hungary since a week!

I took photos, but unfortunately I forgot the most important power cable for my computer at home. But I will add some, I promise (and I wonder who is actually checking on them *sigh* but well).

So, what is new? I did not teach yet, this will come on friday. My apartment is kind of huge and I pay kind of (well for me, it is somehow) a lot rent and food prices are not really lower than in Germany.

My Co-workers are nice, but unfortunately I haven't made friends yet (See, I am a student, my co-workers are older, if you know what I mean) which is bothering me sometimes a lot. I wonder what will happen on Easter... I don't have internet at home so I have to rely on my work place or the library (where I am currently at) but those close normalle at 8pm and over Easter they are closed and well, they are not that long open over the Easter holidays that last a week! I hope I meet nice people for this time then, I really hope *sigh*

Just so far for an update. Take care whoever reads this!