Sometimes you wonder whether people you got to know in the internet are still alive after not posting anything or so. At flickr there actually was somebody asking me (or my "alter ego" there, as I present my stuffed animals, you know^^) if I am (or well, we are) alright.

The past month was busy, and I still don't really know why, but it was. I even don't know who will read this here, but as I still like ipernity a lot, I just thought like: ok, no pics done yet, but at least a little writing will do.

When I get lucky (and I hope I will know this at the end of this week) I will be in Hungary from next month. But this hasn't decided yet. ARGL But I am really looking forward posting pics from Hungary here^^

Anyways, when you are curious about my flickr-stuff, visit hehe. Be sure you really want to see this, only cuddly toys there! hehe