Are you more a cats or a dogs person?

I just had a look at a real nice cat that reminded me of the one I had (my best friend at this time...). I really got moved. Might also be because I am kind of tired today. But still. It just shows how much I like those animals.

So in this case I vote for cats. I just love them.
They have such elegance.
They are individual.
They are soft and warm.
They can be nice, but sometimes are too free for some people.
They tend to do what they want.
You can ask them to lie on your tummy when you feel ill or sad. And because they can be really nice and caring they do you this one favour and take care of you.
You can share some ham with them. You the meat, they take the grease :o)
They are mysterious.
The old egyptians also worshiped them. They also built the pyramids. Do I have to say more?