Sometimes one wonders how or why people chose a certain nickname. It's like with chosing the name for your e-mail-address (as well as the mail provider. It shows how trendy you are etc).

For being online, having a blog or a photo blog or whatever you need to chose an alias. Some people use their names, some their favourite animal/food/hero plus numbers or stars etc. It depends what for you need this alias, where exactly you are online.

How or why did you chose yours?

Mine has a quite complex story. So my boyfriend called me once Sumpfhexe, which means swamp witch in English. He did this because I was kind of too sassy at this particular moment (I cannot remember a thing). He then told me it's a common name for such girls in his family (now he claims he never said that. Ummmm...)

So the second part of this name is: I know some Finnish and I love that language, in particular those foreign words like:
banaani, kalenteri, appelsiini, pankki, festivaali, fysiikka, akkusatiivi, aksentti, vegetarismi, optimaali (and so on)
For having some fun I sometimes play with words. Well, I knew noita means witch. But Swamp? No idea. So I made a new word using the German origin Sumpf. What's closer than sumppi, I thought and as this sounded very Finnish to me, I chose sumppinoita (as a simply play of words, when being in a talk with my boyfriend).

But Somehow we thought: Well, this actually really sounds Finnish. Might be as well as a real word? So we looked it up. And, what to say.... it is a real word, Meaning coffee grounds. I had to laugh so much! I "created" a real word! As I like coffee, I decided to keep this. So my alias here is coffee ground witch. Simple as that. And I like it. ( ^ _ ^ )