I cannot believe it. It's so simple and I looked for it everywhere. Now I found it I am very calm and happy out of a sudden.
So what I am talking about?

The Activity-Button here on Ipernity. I was so nerveous, I didn't know how to check on my comments I made. And I was kind of surprised, that people did this. So I wonderes, where is this button. And finally, I read the menue, with all parts of my brain, and... there it is. Simply, the last one. Gosh.

So thanks guys for the comment! I appriciate it a lot!

What are the other news? Today my university starts again. Yay.
And my neighbour suddenly had a female visitor this night or whatever. I woke up from laughing. Hello, why suddenly the night before the first day? So I am kind of tired.

Read you later.