... that there is still stuff for me to learn on ipernity.

1. So I like it a lot to have a playlist now. But still, I don't know why this doesn't work or let's say... how I can edit my playlist. To let a old song stay and "delete" a newer on and then add a new one.

2. The quality of my photos is embarrising!!! I just noticed! How come? At Fl*ckr pics aren't that bad. Really, I must have done something wrong here. They look so.... well, let's say not pretty enough, too ordinary. Some of them really aren't. They are not that cheap. They look gorgeous. Sometimes I really get nice pictures, that's why I started having that kind of blog in the first place. To share my beautiful pics with others. But now... I feel like a mom or a child just making a shot, not caring of quality etc. Sure, I usually don't, and my camera is just an ordinary one. But sometimes I really get good shoots! Though those shots look here really embarissing. The only word coming to my mind right now.
Who am I to add really good photos-"makers" as contacts? If they see those pics of mine?!?
So, I have to check that IperUpload again. Maybe I shoudln't use it. Maybe I shouldn't reduce the quality that much (if I did it, don't remember... and don't remember how much.)

3. Why don't I get noticed when somebody makes a comment? Where do I have to sign to get this? (No, cannot afford a pro)
Might be, I am too used to have this at Fl*ckr. But you know... I cannot check ALL of them. Plus, when I make a comment somewhere... I tend to forget, whos pic it was! And where to find it!



Anyways, I should go to sleep.

Take care.