I joined flickr in 2004. It hadn't been too long since I had a digital camera and I didn't know much about photography. (I still don't). Back then, I used flickr as a hosting space for my old blog photos, I didn't care for the community part.
Fast forward to 2007...
Hello Blythe! I start posting photos more frequently, join groups, comment and meet other collectors. Flickr becomes a fun place :) So much, I decide to go Pro.
Then one day one of my contacts says she got reported. Then another one, and another one after that. Even I got reported. Some of the stories behind the reports made me sick.
So I don't renew my account. I wasn't to support hateful reports and arbitrary closing of accounts (not all of the reports were about violations of the no-selling rule).
A free account isn't that bad, I thought. After all, what I do in flickr is refresh the 'contacts recent photos' menu. Followed by 'recent activity'. I almost never visit my own stream.. and while sometimes I did miss seeing my old photos and sets, I figured a way to see all my photos.. I created a private group for all of them. So.. I was all set to stay.
Until a couple of days ago.
I refresh my contacts page and notice a black, thin, header.. what is that?
At this point, I should mention I got used to seeing my contacts photos in the 'justified' layout. Like many, I preferred the small thumbnails, but stubborn flickr kept changing it back to the justified view, I kept switching back to thumbnails, until one day I just gave up and kept the cluttered, justified version. Hey, it's not too bad after you get used to it.. scroll.. scroll.. and more photos appear.. yay! (as long as you have decent broadband, I know).
So where was I.. ah, the black thin header on my contacts photos.. hmm.. flickr is changing. I click on a photo and ..what is that black background? why can I only view the most recent comments? oh... I don't like it. Ugh, flickr.
I go to my photostream and whoa! I get justified view there too? *scroll, scroll* Wait, why do I see all my pictures now? I get a little window message from flickr telling me I have a reason to smile, as they are now giving me a terabyte of space. Even my sets are back. Ok, I can't say I hate that. But I felt bad for people who had renewed their paid accounts.
And then reality strikes: rumours of flickr going ads-happy. Unless you cough $50.
Ha! Like I would consider it :P not even 50 cents, flickr. No.
So I silently witness many of my contacts grunt and leave.
And I don't want to, but here I am.
A quick look at ipernity... and I have to say, I like flickr's new layout better.. I am used to it already, maybe a few tweaks I would make: lose the black background on each single photo (isn't that what the lightbox view is for?) and bring back all the comments, regular view. I still don't see any ads and I wonder how awful will it finally be?
I have to say I kind of like having an 'articles' space here in Ipernity. I missed writing in my blog :)