Mmm...felt over-tired today after shopping and bike riding yesterday...getting quite over-excited about that family tree doesn't help I sat with Eilis on the settee this afternoon and did a bit of knitting.
I contacted one of the other people doing the same tree to see if he had any further insights and his answer could have knocked me down with a feather so it of Temperance's sisters was the fifth wife of a man described as a 'frontiersman' and there are newspaper articles about him and all manner of other bits...
The poor woman I'm doing this research for probably feels totally bewildered by my increasingly garbled e-mails about her cousins. It's the incredible wealth of information, which is honestly difficult to family go way back, as you know, to the early Irish kings and suchlike but there isn't the fascinating amount of detail there is in this tree...and there are photographs as well so their personalities can at least be guessed at...can't do that with some old Irish bloke who lived 900 years ago.
Truth be told, I'm actually bright green with sheer envy!
Orrin...that was his name...the Mormon with five wives...looks a bit wild and fierce, he was described as being tall with hair down to his shoulders and long fringes decorating his jacket and trousers...he instigated the building of a schoolhouse out of timber and while everyone else involved in the project was sharing the task of lugging tree trunks about, Orrin was carrying one all on his own. Bit of a show- off then.
Oddly enough my daughter named her first son is only the second time I've come across the name, albeit spelled differently.
I've been taking note of all these folks causes of, it isn't as morbid as it might well might give a much clearer insight as to why F. has chronic lung disease...except none of her people I've found so far died as a result of wonky lungs...some lived to a ripe old age and died from 'dementia'...many others expired from cholera and typhus which was rife at the time...
Most of my people died from asthma attacks or bronchitis...the more recent ones anyway. An alarming number of the seriously ancient ancestors died in battles...
So I'm happily ploughing through the Indian Wars and poison parsnips and how to hire a wagon train and build a schoolhouse in under a week...I know there were two ladies named Hannah who attended some of the births and probably wrapped the afterbirth up in a bit of old sacking and buried it in the muck heap...huge numbers of babies were born and many died and some of the Indians became almost'd be a while before there was any inter-marriage between them and the settlers though.
Hope I keep breathing long enough to finish the tree!