I'm so used to the postal service being total rubbish it was a surprise to find the postie at the door this morning waving a package at me...new nasal cannulas which I'd only asked for yesterday! Mind you they'd come from Dublin, but even so that must be some kind of record for speed of delivery.
It's been mild today, though overcast with just the occasional glimpse of sunshine...after dead-heading the pansies and the pinks, I decided to learn how to knit on circular needles...'cos I want to make beanie hats. Thought I'd begin with a pretty multi coloured yarn to knit a small beanie for a two-year old...only because I want to sew a crochet flower on it.
Could I find how many stitches to cast on...could I feck. So I just put loads on the needles 'cos that looked about right and began knitting away happily...then I had another much more involved Google look and lo and behold, plenty of information about the number of stitches and size of needles and other gumph... now I suspect my hat will fit a person with an extra large head.
Might rip it all out and start again actually. Pity you can't put darts in knitting...