In the early 1700's a Lurgan woman named Marjorie McCall died following a short illness. During her wake mourners tried in vain to remove a valuable ring. Grave robbing was not uncommon at the time and relatives feared that her final resting place would be desecrated owing to the presence of the ring. Sure enough her body was exhumed shortly after the burial. Unconcerned about mutilating the corpse, thieves set about hacking off the ring finger. Marjorie however was not dead, brought out of a deep coma by the sharp pain she began to stir. Not surprisingly the thieves fled leaving Marjorie to make her way home. Grieving family members were surprised to hear a familiar knock on the door. Opening the door late at night to find his wife dressed in her burial robes was too much for John McCall. He fell dead on the spot, Marjorie however lived on. Unlike many horrifying tales evidence suggests that this one actually happened, when she finally died her body was returned to Lurgan's Shankill graveyard, where her headstone remains to this day inscribed with the words 'Lived Once, Buried Twice".