I don't mind it raining...not really, 'cos then I don't have to water my flower pots or worry about the tadpoles slopping about in thick gloopy mud...but no-one knows how to turn the tap off and it squashes the little flowers and spoils the pansies faces...and knocks anything over six inches tall sideways.
And it brings out the slugs.
And the snails.
The people from the site I joined recently...the one about gravestones and old churches...are planning on a meet-up during August to explore some of the interesting burial grounds in Roscommon! Wouldn't that be grand so...most of them use the Irish version of their names...complete with the original spelling...that can be scary actually, because most look absolutely nothing like the way they are pronounced.
I'll warn the chap in charge of organising this shin-dig in advance about having to heave oxygen around with me...perhaps there might be someone else who is fairly decrepit going...then we can stay together. Unless I'm having a particularly good day...it might not come to anything of course, depends on how many can make it.
Spent a fruitless couple of hours on Ancestry this afternoon struggling to make some sense out of 'Merritt' and 'Merrett'...two completely different families or the same people who spelled their surname differently...some went away to America and others stayed in England...one of my gt grand aunts was a Merritt but it was made more confusing when a couple of her children spelt their name with an 'e' rather than 'i' and then Ancestry decided they weren't related to me at all when I know full well they were...
Haven't done much otherwise...a bit of pottering about but nothing strenous.