I was a bit incensed on Facebook...and I know many of you don't use that site, but I have joined some groups relating to my interests in memento mori and gravestones etc so I also read other bits and bobs on there.
There was a report about a C of E clergyman who married his long-term boyfriend...then the Church told him he couldn't hold Church services anymore 'cos he'd committed a sin.
And the very Gates of Hell opened with a reply from a woman who is a staunch Christian...my Gay friends were up in arms and you could practically see the steam coming off the screen.
I'm just wondering why a person who vows to have Christian beliefs and views can be so...un-Christian.
On to a completely different topic...I've been looking at Himself's tree...he isn't terribly interested actually, so I'm doing it more for any of the children or grandchildren who might like to know their roots in the future. Having said that, whatever I've told them so far has been met with a vague...'that's nice' or words much like it. Half the problem is the lack of knowledge in history...they haven't a feckin' clue and heaven only knows where one would begin to tell them. So I don't bother now...just keep adding people.
Another family ended up in the local Workhouse...but they did manage to get themselves out of it and the Father had a job as an ag lab so they'd have been housed as well. But two of their little boys were removed from the Workhouse by a married couple and raised with them...I've come across this before in this particular tree with another family...
That Workhouse had a riot among the inmates in the 1860's...a dozen able-bodied men complained about the lack of food and when nothing was done to improve the daily diet they began to take the Workhouse to bits...breaking down doors and windows and causing havoc. The local Rector rode into town to get help from the soldiers stationed there and they eventually managed to restore some sort of order...the men who were the instigators were either transported or sent to prison...
It was also thought to be one of the places which Charles Dickens visited and he may have based his story of Oliver Twist on his impressions of Barham Workhouse.
There were some wonderful names put on the remaining children of the family...Happy...Golden George...and Topsy. There were about eleven children altogether...the others had fairly plain names.
I'd like to know how commonplace it was for unrelated couples to take children from a Workhouse...if they were orphans it would be understandable, but it does seem odd to take children from a family...perhaps money or a job was used as a payment for them. It does make researching the family much more difficult though...especially when they take their new families name after a period of time.
Better think about supper then...whatever we have, it'll be better than the Workhouse fare.