No sunshine today but it's still been very warm...I spent the morning fighting with a huge pink velvet curtain that I bought years ago from the charity shop...Himself wants curtains at the sitting room window...I couldn't give a fig 'cos no-one can see in anyway and I don't like the sort of closed in feeling of having the curtains drawn.
Anyway...he's too mean to buy brand new curtains and a proper thingy to hang them from, and I'm not using my housekeeping or my saved up loose change, but I had a brainwave and thought I could sort of re-cycle this pink monster...cut it in half and sew wooden curtain rings on it and away we'd go...with a long broom handle to hang it from. It wouldn't meet in the middle mind you...but that'd keep me happy enough and Himself would still have his curtains.
Easier said than done. It truly is enormous and terribly heavy so I struggled to get it on the table, where most of it draped itself on the floor gathering up dog hair...and pinned it and measured it a dozen times and cut it in half and decided it'd do and lugged half down to the shed to sew it.
What a feckin' struggle. The numerous pins stabbed me...the sewing machine arms ached from trying to keep the bloody thing straight. Then I had a cunning plan. I announced I didn't have enough curtain rings. I said it'd have to be a door curtain instead...and this announcement was met with little resistance so I bundled the whole caboodle up and stuffed it under my workbench.
And that is exactly where it will stay.