And yet another hot and sunny day in spite of the weather forecast which was completely and totally wrong...again.
If you notice an unpleasant aroma drifting your way it'll be the dogs...they've just wolfed down some appetising yummies for their tea and their breath stinks to high'll be bottom burps all evening I expect. I buy them proper, sensible, dog food with added vitamins and minerals 'guaranteed to make them healthy and happy'...Himself buys huge tins of mashed up chicken heads and curried donkey tails, with more artificial flavourings and colourings than you can shake your fist at, and they gobble it all up and leave clean plates.
And I've noticed that the cats...who'll gnaw mouses heads and eat the squishy brains without thinking about it, refuse point blank to eat left-over chicken. Next doors cat chomps his way through a carcase but he's not been well brought up and doesn't know any better. My black cats look at a chicken carcase and pat it with a hesitant paw before sighing heavily and looking up at me expectantly to see if there's anything nicer on offer.
We've put the bird bath round by my shed...I'll qualify that...I thought it'd be a good idea and Himself moved it under my instructions. Can't remember where we bought it's covered in lichens and moss now and the only time it was ever used was when Hector, my old cat was still alive. He used to drink out of it. The black cats drink out of the river.
So now it's sitting on top of a concrete pipe, which looks better than it sounds, outside my shed window. We've made that area really quite nice...pots of flowers that I can deal with easily and the bath is stuffed full...I'm desperate for the poppies in there to come into flower...and we have seats and so on and the birds to watch.
The midges, and anything with wings that bites or stings are out in their millions's fine if there's a breeze because it keeps them away but if the evenings are still it can be a nightmare, endlessly flapping at a small creature bent on sinking its fangs into your leg. Quite what benefit it is to them goodness only knows...I just end up with angry lumps that itch unmercifully when I go to bed.
I bought one of those old-fashioned fly swats last's plastic mind you...but it works a treat, especially for the wasps that dare to venture indoors. Can't be doing with wasps...they sting, and I swell up like a balloon, then have to have anti-biotics and it's all such a palaver...can't be doing with them.
Away to think about supper...pudding will be raspberries and strawberries with vanilla ice-cream...not sure about what comes first yet...depends what delights the freezer is hiding...