DSC03180 This stunning rose is ancient...it comes under the broad heading of a gallica...a rose which was grown in Mediaeval times. Very sweetly scented, it was used in the preparation of rose water...a perfume for the body and the home. You remember I said not long ago that the herbs and flowers used in households from years back still grow in the hedges in our street? This rose is no exception...everywhere there is, or was, a dwelling it rambles over old stone walls or weaves it's way through doorways and windows of long deserted homes...this particular rose grows in our main gateway to the yard and the garden beyond.
It is beautiful...whether or not it had a name in times past I've no idea...it hates being cut though...there's no point in putting it in a vase to be enjoyed indoors because it's petals fall almost immediately. DSC03175
And this is the terribly expensive David Austin rambling rose I bought a few weeks ago to climb over my shed...it's called Graham Thomas and is also heavily scented...especially in the evenings.