Let's start at the beginning shall we...a person born in 1414 could not have had a baby born in 1560...just have a bit of a think about it...
If a member of your distant family was born and raised in England in the early 1400's they didn't die in the U.S.A....honestly, they didn't. For one thing there was no such animal as the United States of America and for another no-one...as far as we know, and you might be privy to as yet unseen records, so if you are...my apologies...had actually made the long sea voyage to the country now known as Americay...not from England they hadn't...might have done so from Ireland and the Vikings set foot there at some point...but not from England.
Have you ever tried Google I wonder or one of the other search engines...if you're doubtful over your facts they'll put you straight.
And people didn't live very long either...I'm not fooled by your assertion that your 17 times Gt Granddaddy lived to be one hundred and fourteen...before you gaily add some vague record down on your tree just stop and have a bit of a think...they died you see...from battles and sword wounds and from the plague and dirty drinking water or from having their arm chopped off when they were out tree felling...they didn't live to a ripe old age. I'm sorry, you must be disappointed, but there you are...
Then you are inordinately fond of ladies giving birth to dozens of babies...and many of those babies are born a hundred years after the lady in question has been buried in her local churchyard and has probably turned to dust...if the record isn't clear...and I have to admit that not all are...then put 'abt'...that's short for 'about' in case you were wondering...and if they seem to be glaringly wrong...put nothing at all. It doesn't matter if you don't know when Great Granny 12 times removed died...it isn't a failing on your part...better put nothing than look like a proper eejit, don't you think?
And while we're on the subject of putting nothing rather than anything...those paintings you like. Were you aware they are not actually of your ancestor...I mean...did you think they were? They are mostly of subjects who sat for the artist and whose names we'll never be privileged to know...not now after so long a time. So when you put a picture on and happily announce this is a portrait of Gt Aunt Freda sixteen times removed on your Mother's side...it isn't actually. Gt Aunt Freda sixteen times removed on your Mother's side probably didn't have any teeth and was quite likely almost bald from plucking out her hairline and...I'm sorry to say this...no doubt had sores on her face from a sexually transmitted disease and pock marks from when she caught the smallpox as a child.
She'd not have had a beautiful clear complexion and be adorned in the latest fashion while clutching a small dog on her lap... dripping in jewels and seated on a dainty velvet chair. Honestly...she wouldn't. Those women were models for not awfully skilled artists and were usually labelled...'A Lady'.
Then you have this passion for America...that's grand...I have a bit of a passion for Ireland actually so I do know where you're coming from, to use an irritating phrase much loved by social workers and their ilk. But you need to remember that when people began to travel to America...and it was in the early 1600's...about two hundred years after you said they did...they were either homesick or totally lacked imagination and called the lands they stole from the Indians by the same name as the town or area they'd left behind them...so you have Hingham...a small village in Norfolk actually which I happen to know well...the Hingham people called their first settlement in America...Hingham.
Now, my point is...when someone didn't travel to America...when they said to the rest of the family...you have to be joking, I'm not going anywhere on a leaky old boat...you can't say they did. If Gt Uncle Horace ten times removed on your Dad's side decided he wasn't going to risk life and limb, thanks all the same, and he stayed behind in Hingham..in Norfolk...in England...you can't blithely put him down on your tree as having died in Hingham Mass. 'Cos actually it's a fib and it makes your tree sort of pear shaped because half of it isn't true.
You're not researching your family just for you are you? I mean...you'll be sharing all the info you've spent hours gathering together...you might print it all off and put it on a wall so everyone can see...do you want a small person...and there's one in every family believe you me...who'll stand in front of the fruit of your labours and point at the woman who lived to be a hundred and fifty and the man who was still fathering oodles of children when he'd been dead for forty years...that child...much sharper than you...will pick up on those folk you have travelling to the Americas in 1414 and will announce in a shrill and carrying voice...that you have it all wrong.