Here we are again...another Friday has almost come and gone.
Supposed to be having a heatwave next week...Hah!...I'll believe it when I see it and not one minute before 'cos it's raining...again...and decidedly chilly.
Shopping this afternoon for the boring essentials to keep body and soul together...I didn't dither once and remembered black olives, without which no salad is complete. Don't care for the green ones and can't bear them mashed up into whatever it's called...they have to be a jar, and not stuffed or squashed or fiddled about with.
And I bought a couple of plants as well...some lavender, a couple of pretty dahlias and a beautiful purple petunia...then had to wait for ages because the computer had 'gone down' in the farmers store and the work force were running about like scalded cats trying to find calculators...the woman waiting behind me offered to add the prices up in her head...the chap behind the counter gave her a withering look.
Every Friday I tip any loose change left in my purse into a jar...then I hoard it jealously and won't let Himself dip in it for anything. So far it's paid for my sewing machine and the laptop...the secret is to simply leave it and not keep counting it out. It's been emptied and counted out again and changed at the bank for crisp new notes...enough for a new vacuum and three-quarters of the way to a 'fridge. If I emptied the china cat in the kitchen...Himself doesn't know about that hidey hole...there'll be enough for the 'fridge.
I'll start again for a washing machine...the present machine is noisy and it rattles a bit but it ought to keep going for a while yet...
Today's photo is something I'd buy if ever we went to auctions and one was to come up for sale...I've no idea where this is kept...a museum probably or maybe a private collection...but I had an immediate case of the gimmes when I saw it...
It dates from the middle of the 1600's...I love how it's disguised as a book, to be kept high up on a shelf.