It's very shiny and sort of clean...and I like it...seems a shame to use it really.
The old one has gone...carted away in the back of the shops van to end up being re-cycled somewhere or other.
It's hammered down with rain more or less the entire day and the thunder rumbled and grumbled but didn't come to much in the end.
Quiet now and the suns come I'm too tired to do anything outside and Himself is shattered after moving the kitchen about to get the new cooker in and then connecting it up and testing for leaks...that involved Fairy bubbles if there's a leak in the gas pipe. Thought I would 'share' that with you in case you didn't know.
Which I'm certain you did.
I've finished the small quilt and put it on the back of the sitting room was a bit of a pig actually 'cos I used iron- on batting which didn't stick to the fabric as it was supposed to, but jammed the sewing machine needle up so much the thread kept breaking...batting is the layer of thicker fabric which gives a quilt it's warmth and puffiness.
And I dyed a cardigan I bought in the charity shrank in an extremely alarming I spent ages dragging the sleeves down and pulling and tugging at the rest of it...think it's grown enough to fit now. It's one of those, horribly expensive when new, hand knitted in Ireland, cotton affairs...the dye cost me more than the cardigan actually.
Adam and Anna are back for a few days...they still can't move over because Adam's waiting on a particular injection into his spine...we've decided we'll both get mobility scooters and have races up and down the street annoying the dogs and the neighbours...he'll be wired into his morphine and me into my oxygen...
Supper time now...salad tonight with home grown lettuce...didn't want to get the new cooker greasy...