We bought a new gas cooker this morning...or chose one and put a deposit on it...it'll be delivered on Monday with any luck and a back wind.
It's black and shiny and makes our existing one look quite revolting even though it's reasonably clean.
There was an American style 'fridge as well...huge thing...also awful bright and shiny...the same sort that Wendy has...if we'd bought it, it would have to be put in one of the barns...there's no way it'd fit in our tiny kitchen...so I looked at the little ones instead. That'll be next month's purchase...the bank balance is dropping in an alarming fashion after taxing the car and a leccy bill due any day.
Did the weeks shopping after that and forgot to get olives...again.
We looked after Tilly the other afternoon...Caitlin and Jamie were walking into town to go to the library and she wanted to go as well...Caitlin reads James Patterson thrillers so I picked a few of the books I've read out for her...mostly less gruesome than Patterson...she's thirteen going on thirty so I suppose it won't do her any harm...I seem to recall ploughing through Lady Chatterley when I was her age.
Lovely this afternoon with plenty of sunshine, so I sat outside my shed and did some crochet Granny squares while watching a trio of baby Robins being fed by their parents...the babies were sitting on the ground only yards away from where I was...then they flew away just as I was thinking about getting the camera.
It's thundering now...ominous rumbles while the sun continues to shine.
A quick look on Ancestry produced the rather startling fact that I'm remotely connected to a Pope...a Pope Stephen IX who was born in about 1020 and died in 1058 of a wasting disease...he was a great one for keeping the priesthood celibate apparently.
Better plug myself into the oxygen for the next sixteen hours...such joy!