Just had a shower after slopping about all afternoon feeling liked death warmed up and did a very silly thing...twiddled about with the shower controls...shampoo in eyes and couldn't see...turned the dial to freezing cold on the fastest water flow.
It did wake me up though...
I've just been reading the latest about the mass grave of children found in Tuam...Amnesty have stated an interest and various members of the Dail ( the Irish government...pro. Doyle ) are demanding a Garda investigation...what has also been revealed is the trade...for want of a better word...between Mother and Baby 'homes' and American Catholic couples. The birth mothers were told their newborns had died when in fact they'd been adopted by strangers...
The monies exchanged went into the homes coffers...I rather suspect most people had an idea this trade in babies went on...I'd read about it a long time ago...but this mass grave has brought the facts into plain sight for all.
In a paper only just come to light, there was heavy emphasis on the fact the babies went to Irish-American couples who 'were staunch Catholics'...that's alright then. This wasn't in the dark ages...it was still happening in the 1960's.
I do so hope that this discovery, not just of the babies remains, but of the adoptions as well, are thoroughly investigated and those awful religious behind it all are named.
In total contrast, a tiny baby was unearthed during a 'dig' ...the skeleton was dated to around three thousand years ago and has been re-interred in sacred ground with a small ceremony...it probably doesn't matter too much that a priest was present and the few people who were chosen to be there said a simple prayer...after all the child was alive long before Christ...but it does show the other side to the care of a person's remains that the people involved in the 'dig' bothered enough to arrange it all.
I do tend to sway between caring for a person's remains and then changing tack and thinking that's it's just a collection of bones and means little or nothing...
Schools of anatomy dissecting a corpse was clearly sensible to me...how else would anyone learn about the structure of the skeleton or the blood flow...and they were just a dead body with the spirit long gone. I don't mind gathering up the bones we find scattered about in old burial grounds either...though the thought has crossed my mind sometimes I might be reburying the bones from several different people all together...but what really and truly I find upsetting is the almost casual way those babies and small children were disposed of in what was once a concrete water tank.
Just heaped up one on top of the other until the bloody thing was full...no acknowledgement of who they were or what name had been put on them.
At least burial in a cillin was carried out with love and care by relatives and each child was carefully wrapped in cloth and placed in a homemade coffin...and wild flowers grow around the graves and the area is treated with respect by local people.
The expression for any burial which doesn't follow the social norm is 'deviant'...those little children discovered recently deserve much more than a deviant burial.