You'd have laughed yesterday evening if you'd seen the beginning of the hat I was knitting...trying to use circular needles for the first time and the bit of plastic wire stuff kept bending about all over the place...then when I'd cast on what I thought a reasonable number of stitches I held it up and it was feckin' huge...would have made a big beanie hat for a large elephant!
So I put it away and decided to read for a while instead.
We bought a microwave oven's bright scarlet with a slightly un-nerving mirrored door. Because we're classed as old people we get 5% off all purchases on Tuesdays at Heaton's, the cheap and cheerful shop in Roscommon town. And they had microwaves and so we bought one. It's proper make...not rubbish.
That wasn't at the top of my 'new white goods' list mind you...but at least Himself will be able to get his own supper within minutes and the controls are easy enough...
I went to France's shop as well and bought some acrylic yarn...all the wool I have is pure wool and horribly scratchy...bought it years ago in Donegal when I used to dye using plants and flowers. Frances is cheap and cheerful as well and the ladies who work there are always kind to me when I'm gasping for breath...I wasn't gasping today, but they were still nice...
When we came home I tried out the portable oxygen...honestly you'd need muscles like a navvy to lug that about, there's yards of plastic tubing under your feet just waiting to send you arse over tip and it sort of suddenly puffs a squirt of air into your see if you're still awake I think. It does come in a fancy back pack thing that you can wear like a back pack or you can carry it or sling it over your shoulder in a nonchalant sort of though it doesn't have anything to do with you really...someone just gave it to you to mind for a while.
The charity shop yielded two thrillers I've not read and a rather nice hand-knitted cardigan in cotton...looks virtually new...but it's cream coloured and makes me look like a corpse so I'll probably dye it.
The sun came out this morning but this afternoon has been chilly and dull with the clouds threatening rain...doesn't matter much 'cos it'll save me watering the plants in the pots.